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Here's an example of one of our advertising projects. We began working with them when their revenue was slightly over $300,000. After three years of adjustments and improvements, we managed to increase their revenue to an impressive $3 million, marking a remarkable 768% growth!

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Intelligent Advertising for Strategic Leaders.

Over the years, we've collaborated with more than 2000 small to mid-sized businesses. Our clients consistently choose us because we offer the cost-effectiveness of freelancers combined with the caliber of a top-tier agency. We accomplish this by focusing on high-priority tasks and eliminating superfluous steps in the process.

This approach is what we term "Smart Advertising.

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This varies based on several factors and might require weeks of observation and adjustments to get it right. But, partnering with an expert can speed up the process on the time it takes for you to get results immensely.

Yes, Facebook ads do show up for mobile users. In fact, many people see ads on their phones because a lot of users access Facebook through their mobile app. So, when you run ads on Facebook, they can appear on both desktop and mobile devices

We are unique and we utilize a vertically integrated business model.

By owning the full value chain from development and hosting of your webpage to inhouse ad creative production and optimization by our own marketing experts we cut out all the middlemen and get one of the market’s most effective online marketing workflows.

We also use the latest AI-optimization technology to further make our processes as lean as possible and to make sure that our actions are truly based on data-driven decisions.

If the customers you want to attract are using Facebook, then yes, Facebook ads can be a good match for your business. It helps you directly engage with the right audience

Standing out on Facebook, with its myriad of activities and distractions, can be a challenge for any business.

Using Facebook Ads ensures your business is prominently displayed to those who might find value in your offerings.

● Drive more visitors to your website

● Enhance recognition of your brand.

● Ensure immediate visibility for your promotions and news.

● Offer an economical solution to amplify sales.

● Allow for real-time adjustments to opimize results.


  • Can you be patient and are you ready to learn?
  • Do you feel okay with fixing technical issues?
  • Do you like writing convincing messages and creating digital images and videos?

If you said yes to any of these questions, consider managing your own ads.

In short, yes. The complexity of Facebook advertising depends on your industry and your desired outcomes, ranging from simple ads to intricate campaigns.

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